1.  Are your paintings guaranteed?  Yes, they can be returned within ten days of delivery if the painting is not as expected.

2.  Why do you paint on artist regular style canvasses?  I do this because I want to continue the theme of simplicity in my artworks.  

3.  How long have you been a painting artist?  I have been painting for over twenty-five years.

4.  Do you have a professional education?  Yes I do.  I studied part time at Nipissing University in the Arts Program.  I was an adult student and took all of the arts related courses.  I did not complete the electives because my work demanded more of my time.

5.  Do you have an open gallery within your studio?  No I do not at this time.  I will work through video calls to show my available work at home.  I am also represented by several professional galleries. 

6.  Why are the sides of the canvas painted black?  I paint the edges black to give it a more finished look.  It is representative of a frame.

7.  Can your paintings be framed?  Yes they can.  They can be professionally framed or installed in a floating frame, which I sell on my website. 

8.  Are your paintings ready to hang?  Yes they are.  They have all of the appropriate hardware installed so they be hanged upon receipt of the painting.

9.  Do you do custom paintings?  Yes I do.  Simply contact me and we can work on the details.

10.  Are the paintings which are on your website the only paintings available for purchase?  No they are not.  I am always working on creating paintings and it takes time to have them photographed professionally before displaying them on my website.  This is where video calls can be productive.

11.  Are one inch depth paintings cheaper quality than one and half inch depth paintings?  No, not at all.  It is simply a preference for the artist.  I only work on artist top quality canvasses.  I choose to work on regular depth paintings because I strongly believe in simplicity.  Having said that, if a collector wants a custom piece on a one and a half inch depth canvas I can do so.

 12.  Do you offer a different color palette?  Yes I do.  Simply request a color preference when commissioning a painting.